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NEO Price Chart 

The market tendencies in cryptocurrency pairs change pretty rapidly as a rule. That’s why, in order to benefit from the highly volatile price swings, traders need an effective instrument to always stay updated and never miss a beat. Especially when the price trend, for example in the ETH to BTC  pair, comes closer and closer to those support and resistance levels, the tendencies get hotter, and millions or even billions of traders across the globe want to catch the right moment to trade. As a result, the changes on the chart occur in a blink of an eye. So, to grasp the best opportunities in trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you surely need the chart that becomes your best friend in trading. That’s exactly why we’ve put here the NEO cash price chart to make sure that you can watch the price oscillations to make timely and informed decisions online.

About NEO coin

NEO coin is often referred to as the Chinese Ethereum. Indeed, this network suggests the exchange of smart contracts and dApps, while also promoting quite a bunch of unique features that immediately drew the attention of the public. Through this network, you can buy neo coin and also transfer other coins and tokens, which is unique to this blockchain.

Since its inception in 2017, NEO has been gaining popularity in an exponential fashion, getting supported by numerous organizations as well as individual investors and developers worldwide. 

Besides the network for processing transactions and smart contracts, NEO also offers an encrypted digital identity protocol. This feature sets them apart from other similar blockchains because particularly NEO network can be completely approved by regulatory bodies. Not only it provides digital identities for separate users but also for the validating nodes. 

Unlike Ethereum which runs on top of its native programming language, NEO accepts a few common programming languages like C++, Java, C#, Go, Python, Kotlin. Thanks to this, the NEO network is growing fast and continuing to add new incentives. For example, their EcoBoost program, designed to grow the ecosystem of infrastructure projects, has injected the $100 million funding.  

Neo network has two native tokens: NEO and GAS. NEO is an investment token that gives voting rights to its holders. GAS is a token used to pay transaction fees.

Current NEO coin price index

NEO price analysis shows that this coin has entered the list of top most traded cryptocurrencies shortly after it went into circulation. NEO has also been rather stable regarding its price during these years. Interestingly enough, China’s first crypto coin skipped to the next level of technical security placing itself above Bitcoin and Ether. The point here is that they have switched from the older proof of work (POW) and proof of stake(POS) algorithms to a Byzantine fault tolerance validation. 

NEO price history

The price of the NEO coin skyrocketed in 2018 but then dropped to its stable value. If you look at the NEO historical price, you’ll see that it started from as little as $0.12 and has increased ever since.

Given the crypto market is one of the most dynamic, marker trends may change often. There are different predictions as to any changes to NEO price over time. If you are interested in trading NEO to USD, do your own research before you make your trading or investment decision.

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How to buy NEO at CEX.IO

CEX.IO offers a variety of ways to benefit from movements in the prices of cryptocurrency. You can check out the chart for crypto against fiat currency like NEO to EUR or trade using the fluctuations of prices between one cryptocurrency and another. 


Trading lets you get cryptocurrency in your possession by exchanging it for fiat or other cryptocurrencies with other traders on the market. 

Place market and limit orders in pairs with crypto and fiat pairs straight from your browser or mobile app version of our Spot Trading platform. The market orders will execute for the current prices as soon as you place them. Limit orders, in turn, will execute in case if the market meets your preset limits.

Instant Buy

Obtain NEO or any other crypto in a matter of seconds by paying from your credit, debit card, or by using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Instant Sell

If you need to cash out your crypto in the fastest way possible, this is the option for you. This service is available in our CEX.IO mobile app so you can get your hard cash in fiat currency that you prefer anytime, anywhere, when you need it most.


CEX.IO supports NEO staking. This means that customers from supported jurisdictions can earn some rewards for storing this cryptocurrency on their CEX.IO account. Rewards for staking NEO are issued in GAS.

CEX.IO Staking works in a straightforward way — after customers buy or deposit the stake-able coins or tokens on their CEX.IO account, staking rewards start to calculate automatically. The rewards are distributed once a month. What’s more — during the staking period, you can use these coins for trading or withdraw them. This makes CEX.IO Staking a flexible and simple option for growing your holding. 

All in all, many trusted crypto resources are closely watching the dynamics of the NEO cryptocurrency price. The reason for that is simple. It is popular among both individual and institutional traders who drive the demand for it. What’s more, it has some weighty advantages compared to other crypto coins. So if you want to keep an eye on the NEO price trends, you can always come here and check our price chart for this coin. The next thing that you can do is avail our buying, selling, and staking opportunities to benefit from this price’s oscillations. Make sure though that you conduct a thorough financial analysis before you embark on any action in trading.

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