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GAS coins are circulating within the NEO blockchain. There are several use cases for distributing specifically this coin inside the network that has already been called the Chinese Ethereum. NEO has a good opportunity to establish dominance in the Asian market in case the Chinese government approves the wide usage of crypto assets. Considering that the population of this country makes up nearly ⅕ of all the people currently living on Earth, the supply and demand market is potentially quite promising. As a result, the NEO network with GAS coins could be used as widely as any Bitcoin trading platform on a global scale.

GAS Price Chart

When it comes to determining the price trend of a particular token, our online chart is the best way to go. Follow the slightest fluctuations in the price of GAS when shaping your strategy for trading. You can check out the price of this token compared to the most demanded cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies similarly as you would watch the Bitcoin to Dollar pair. Choose the pair that you want to analyze in the menu to the left of the chart. To find this pair quickly, simply type it in the search bar. You can mark some of the pairs your favorite and easily come back to them every time you need to check in on the price chart. To do that, you will need to register or log into your CEX.IO account. 

About GAS coin

GAS is a native currency of the NEO blockchain network. While owning NEO coins is like having a part of the company’s shares, owning GAS is like having the actual money circulating within this network. GAS is divisible while NEO is indivisible. When you’re staking NEO you can potentially receive rewards in GAS. It’s very useful, especially in cases when you’re planning on using this blockchain for smart contracts. By collecting GAS coins, you will be able to save on the transaction commission fees.

It’s also important to mention that GAS has a limited supply of 100 million coins. As soon as they all are issued into circulation, no more GAS coins will ever be minted. As for the payments and transactions, the network will use only the existing GAS coins. This fact reduces the probability of this digital asset being subject to inflation. 

Current GAS price index

You can watch the current GAS price movements by using our real-time GAS cash price chart on this page. The visual representation correlates with various timeframes as well as currency pairs of your choice. You can easily perform a GAS price analysis by assessing the information given in a clear and straightforward form. At CEX.IO Spot Trading you can also explore the most popular pairs like BTC to GBP and their respective prices.

GAS price history

GAS historical price has experienced a few major spikes since the time of this coin’s inception. Perhaps, the success of the parent NEO coin has brought wide recognition to GAS. As a result, it showed significant growth in 2018 and later stabilized to the price that you can see right now. Analyzing the dynamics of the GAS coin price over time will help you conduct a thorough analysis and make informed decisions in your trading strategy.

How to buy GAS at CEX.IO 

There are quite a few ways to obtain the GAS using your CEX.IO account. It all depends on your goals and strategy. You can use our Instant Buy feature to buy the coins in just a few clicks and receive them on your account asap. Also, you can start trading them by placing limit or market orders at Spot Trading. You can also go for staking this coin to receive rewards on a monthly basis.

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