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What is the GBP to BTC calculator? How can I buy Bitcoins with it?

Cryptocurrency price calculator on CEX.IO is a tool that helps traders calculate the price for the needed currencies (in this case - for exchanging Pound Sterling to Bitcoins). This function was created to give users an additional option to check the current price apart from studying the charts. The calculator is pretty straightforward. For instance, to check the price of BTC in the calculator, you just need to indicate the amount of fiat assets that you want to exchange for the given cryptocurrency, and you will see the price you need to pay.

Moreover, you can go to buy cryptocurrency directly from the calculator. Just click the “Buy Now” button and you will be forwarded to the Instant Buy service. There you can purchase your crypto using your debit or credit card in a few clicks.

The Instant Buy service works on the base of Fill-or-Kill order. This means that the transaction will be executed at a price not lower than the specified one, or it will not be executed at all — in case the market situation changes dramatically. Hence, once you checked the BTC price using the CEX.IO Calculator and you are happy with it, you can go straight to purchasing this cryptocurrency.

Reasons to convert Pound Sterling to Bitcoin on CEX.IO

The first and the most obvious reason - Bitcoin is the world's largest cryptocurrency by market cap. This is a universal cryptocurrency asset that allows you to make money both in the long term perspective (as a long-term investment) and everyday trading.

Long-term investment is an option if you see the signals that BTC price will grow significantly over time and you want to invest in this crypto to get the profit later. However, when considering the long-term investment in crypto, it’s important to remember that the cryptocurrency market is very dynamic and prices can change rapidly and unexpectedly.

Everyday trading operations are suitable if you know how to follow the changes on the BTC/GBP chart, spot the slightest fluctuations in value and make quick decisions.

You can also convert your Pound Sterling to other popular currencies such as ETH, BCH, XRP and more. Thus, you’ll be able to diversify your trading portfolio and expand your earning potential by trading BTC to GBP, ETH to GBP, Bitcoin Cash to GBP, XRP to GBP and other popular pairs on the market.

How to exchange GBP to Bitcoin on CEX.IO? How long does this process take?

CEX.IO cryptocurrency platform offers different options to exchange Pounds to Bitcoin. One of them is to buy Bitcoins directly with your Visa/Mastercard card using the CEX.IO Buy/Sell service for an instant cryptocurrency purchase. Another option for GBP to BTC exchange is to convert Bitcoins for your Pound sterling on the Trade page of CEX.IO by placing market and limit buy or sell orders.

Market order fills your order immediately and at a current market price. If you want to make a cryptocurrency transaction at a specified price (that differs from the current market value) - you need to place a limit order. However, note that if the market order closes with immediate delivery of assets to your balance, it may take some time for the limit order to fill as the market will need to reach the price you specified.

Before you place an order, make sure your account is prepared and has funds in there. If it doesn’t, it is possible to deposit Pound sterling (GBP) to your CEX.IO account using your debit/credit card, bank transfers like SWIFT and Faster Payments, and Skrill payment methods. With an already deposited account, you can make quick trading decisions when the market moves in a favorable direction.

Key pros of Pound Sterling (GBP) to Bitcoin (BTC) transactions:

The Bitcoin market is known for its volatility, which provides investors many potential situations to earn while the BTC price is moving up or down. The cryptocurrency pairs range is quite wide, there are crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, and crypto-to-fiat pairs presented on the platform. But currency pairs with fiat money tend to be the most popular. The GBP/BTC pair is in a list of the most popular crypto-to-fiat pairs on crypto exchanges.

The key advantages of investing in Bitcoins are:

  • Fast transactions;
  • Liquid markets for all pairs with BTC;
  • Bitcoin has bigger returns than any other asset;
  • High adoption rates - everybody knows about BTC.

And these are just a few of all the other advantages!

CEX.IO - the cryptocurrency platform with the highest level approach to safety:

CEX.IO has been operating on the market since 2013. The team is making a lot of effort to meet the highest security standards in the industry to ensure users’ money and data safety. One of such security measures is Know Your Customer procedures, or customer verification. It is an important part of it for sure, and we also made this process as simple and fast as possible. To complete verification, you need to provide the exchange with some of your personal data. By doing this, you help the platform always identify whether it is you logging into your account and accessing your funds and data or not. Another important security measure is enabling two-factor verification. It’s an extra layer of security that helps keep your accounts safe. These simple steps are increasing your account security.

It’s worth to mention that CEX.IO has made it into the top-tier exchanges by CryptoCompare and received the highest score in security. That’s a solid proof of how serious security measures on CEX.IO are.