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What is EUR to BTC calculator? How can I use it to buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Calculator on CEX.IO is a simple tool, which helps stay updated with the current BTC (or other popular cryptocurrencies) price without a need to analyze BTC/EUR chart. Cryptocurrency price calculator is built for ease of conversion between Bitcoin (or other cryptos) and your preferred fiat currencies (EUR, USD, GBP) or stablecoins (USDT, USDC). The rate of exchange is based on the Bitcoin (or other crypto in question) last price on the exchange and the purchase can be made in a few minutes with your Visa or Mastercard. So, if you want to buy BTC for EUR, you can use CEX.IO Calculator to check the EUR/BTC price and then buy cryptocurrency with a credit card using our Instant Buy service.

Also, you can buy cryptocurrency with your CEX.IO balance, but for that, you will need to fund your CEX.IO account with fiat in advance using any suitable payment method — payment card, bank transfer, or Skrill.

Reasons to convert Euro (EUR) to Bitcoin (BTC):

The number of EU citizens who trade crypto grows almost every day. The Bitcoin (BTC) has proved to be the #1 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and popularity since the coin's launch in early 2009. Euro (EUR), at the same time, is a popular fiat currency and one of the most traded currencies globally. It takes second place after the US Dollar (USD).

The most popular cryptocurrency pairs with Euro are Bitcoin to Euro, ETH to EUR, ADA to EUR, LTC to EUR. Moreover, BTC/EUR and EUR/BTC pairs account for almost 5% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide, which is quite a significant indicator.

How to exchange Euro (EUR) to Bitcoin (BTC) on the CEX.IO platform?

CEX.IO cryptocurrency platform offers several ways for EUR to BTC exchange. You can buy Bitcoins directly with your Visa/Mastercard card in the Buy/Sell section. Or, if you already have EUR on your balance you can make trading operations and buy Bitcoins for your Euros using the Trade page of the platform. There you can place the market and limit buy or sell orders.

Choose market order if you want your order to fill immediately. Then it will be completed at the current market price. If you wish to place the order at a specific price, then a limit order will be best. However, it may take a while till the limit order fills as the market will need to reach your price first.

Before you place an order, make sure your account is prepared and has funds in there. It is possible to deposit Euros to your CEX.IO account using your debit/credit card, Swift, Skrill, and Sepa payment methods. In that case, you will be prepared to make quick trading decisions when the market moves in a favorable direction.

Pros of Euro to Bitcoin transactions on CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange:

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, which provides investors with huge potential for earnings while the market is moving up or down. While there are many cryptocurrency pairs on the market (crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, and crypto-to-fiat), the most popular are the pairs with fiat currencies. The BTC/EUR pair is considered one of the most popular crypto-to-fiat pairs for traders.

Being a 'popular' currency pair increases its demand in the market. In other words, orders within popular pairs are often closed quickly. And since the order book is filled with both small and large orders — this satisfies the needs of traders with different appetites.

CEX.IO is not just an exchange, it is a versatile platform that combines such important points as the enhanced security, variety of different deposit and withdrawal options, and high liquidity for the best trading experience. The team spares no effort to make using CEX.IO ecosystem services as convenient and safe as it ever can be.

All CEX.IO services offer a complete cycle of interaction and earning with the digital assets — starting from simple purchase, to trading, storing, staking and more.

Moreover, CEX.IO has been paying great attention to the regulations and security since its very inception. The team is seeking to obtain licenses and registration statuses in all the possible jurisdictions. This allows us to provide our clients with services under the regulatory umbrella and make sure that all customers’ funds and data are completely safe.

CEX.IO — a cryptocurrency platform with a wide selection of pairs with the most popular crypto and fiat currencies

We understand that different market participants choose different trading styles and strategies, so we at CEX.IO try to offer such trading conditions that satisfy the needs of every customer. In total, the platform features over 100 currency pairs with the options to use the market and limit orders. CEX.IO platform has been serving cryptocurrency traders since 2013. It is perfectly suitable for both large players and those who prefer to trade in small amounts — like, for example, to test the waters and learn the platform works, or just try oneself in trading cryptocurrencies.

Still not a trader? Choose a pair, think of the strategy you are going to pursue, then go and trade! Improve your skills and earn while doing it.