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How to Buy Dogecoin (DOGE) with PayPal on CEX.IO

Looking to buy Dogecoin using a PayPal account? CEX.IO offers a quick solution, making it nearly effortless.

First of all, keep in mind a few prerequisites to access PayPal on CEX.IO as a payment method:

  • Users need to complete identity verification on CEX.IO to enable PayPal transactions.
  • PayPal is currently available only for U.S. residents.
  • Customers are required to link their PayPal accounts to CEX.IO for crypto purchases, and may only link one (1) account at a time.

Linking a PayPal account to CEX.IO

Eligible customers can link their PayPal accounts via CEX.IO App or Wallet page. Here's how to do it on the web:

  • Visit the Wallet dashboard, and switch to Account Manager.
  • Select PayPal from available payment methods.
  • Log in to your PayPal account to connect it to CEX.IO.

After linking a PayPal account to CEX.IO, users will be ready to proceed with purchasing Dogecoin (DOGE) using this payment method. If you’re using CEX.IO App, follow this guide to link a PayPal account.

Purchasing Dogecoin (DOGE) via PayPal

PayPal facilitates crypto purchases on CEX.IO through the Instant Buy service, which enables rapid, seamless transactions. Here's how to use Instant Buy on the CEX.IO website:

  • Go to the Instant Buy page.
  • Select DOGE from the list of available cryptocurrencies, and enter the desired amount to purchase/spend. Then, click Buy to proceed.
  • Select PayPal from the payment methods menu.
  • Сlick Log in with PayPal, and enter the linked account details. You’ll be returned to the payment methods menu following this process.
  • Choose PayPal as a payment method once again, and click Buy with PayPal.
  • Specify the preferred funding method from your PayPal account, and confirm the transaction.

Upon completion, the purchased amount of DOGE will appear in the cryptocurrency wallet on CEX.IO. From there, users can monitor the current Dogecoin price, and/or perform certain actions such as transfer DOGE to external wallets, and convert the digital asset to other available cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, acquiring Dogecoin provides users access to dedicated markets like DOGE to USD on CEX.IO Spot Trading, which boasts deep liquidity and advanced trading tools. Find more details about crypto trading via our Spot Trading platform here.

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