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How to Buy Arkham (ARKM)

Arkham is a blockchain-focused data analytics platform that empowers users to track and deanonymize on-chain transactions. Arkham asserts that its platform can aid in combating crypto crimes, as it could help users track stolen funds, detect fraud, verify counterparties, investigate hacks, etc. 

The platform’s native token, ARKM, is utilized within Arkham’s Intel Exchange. This is a marketplace where users can buy and sell address labels and other blockchain data through bounties and auctions. Furthermore, ARKM serves as a governance token, incentivizing users to actively participate in the platform's developments.

Where can I buy ARKM?

Although there are multiple ways to acquire ARKM, using crypto exchanges like CEX.IO is widely considered the most convenient one. With CEX.IO, eligible participants can purchase, store, transfer, and exchange crypto in a secure and hassle-free manner.

Operating as a regulated platform, CEX.IO is dedicated to protecting user funds and ensuring compliance. Hence, users are required to complete verification before accessing crypto services within its ecosystem. The verification process typically takes up to 10 minutes.

A step-by-step guide on how to buy ARKM

CEX.IO features several services that can be used to purchase ARKM tokens, with Instant Buy being the most straightforward. It enables users to buy stablecoins and other supported digital assets with a debit/credit card in just a few clicks.

To utilize Instant Buy on the CEX.IO website, follow these steps after completing the verification process:

  • Go to the Instant Buy page.
  • Select ARKM from the list of available assets.
  • Choose your preferred fiat currency.
  • Pick a predefined pack or specify the desired amount to purchase/spend.
  • Select a funding method.
  • Verify that all transaction details are correct, and confirm the operation.

If you’re using CEX.IO’s crypto mobile app for transactions, refer to this guide.

Keep in mind that ARKM is currently unavailable for users in the U.S.

Accepted payment methods to purchase ARKM

Eligible CEX.IO customers can buy ARKM using the following funding methods:

  • Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards
  • Google/Apple Pay
  • Bank transfers (like SWIFT and SEPA)
  • E-wallets (like Skrill and Epay)
  • Other cryptocurrencies

Please note that the availability of specific payment methods may differ based on the user's country of residence, and/or account verification status. For example, only U.S.-based CEX.IO customers can use PayPal for crypto purchases. For more details on payment methods, visit this page.


How can I use ARKM tokens after their purchase?

After acquiring ARKM tokens on CEX.IO, customers can:

  • Store — Keep ARKM tokens in a crypto wallet on CEX.IO, taking advantage of its top-tier security.
  • Trade — Explore ARKM markets on the Spot Trading platform to potentially capitalize on asset price fluctuations.
  • Convert — Exchange ARKM tokens to buy altcoins and stake crypto, or explore other available services.
  • Transfer — Move funds to an external wallet.

How can I track ARKM prices on CEX.IO?

To monitor ARKM price movements on CEX.IO:

How to buy ARKM with a bank account?

To make crypto purchases using a bank transfer:

Buy Arkham