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How to Buy Arbitrum (ARB) With a Credit or Debit Card Instantly

Arbitrum is a layer 2 (L2) solution for Ethereum designed to enhance the network's efficiency and scalability. It utilizes rollups, which process transactions off-chain before settling them on-chain, to offer faster execution speeds and lower fees for Ethereum users. 

Although Artbitrum is not the first project of its kind, it rapidly became one of the most actively used L2 networks. Arbitrum has a native cryptocurrency, ARB, which facilitates various functions such as transaction validation and network governance.

Where can I buy Arbitrum (ARB)?

Eligible participants can purchase ARB with CEX.IO, which provides a comprehensive crypto ecosystem enabling users to buy, sell, store, and transfer 200+ cryptocurrencies. CEX.IO supports 40+ blockchains, and offers a diverse range of payment methods, empowering users to navigate the crypto economy according to their preferences. As an established platform with global availability, CEX.IO provides users an opportunity to buy crypto in the U.S., and 150+ other countries. 

CEX.IO is a regulated platform, which means it maintains a strong commitment to AML/KYC procedures that help protect its transacting community, and ensures it remains compliant. These practices require customers to create an account and verify their identity before interacting with digital assets. Typically, new users can complete their registration on CEX.IO, and begin funding their Bitcoin wallet in just 10 minutes or less.

How to buy Arbitrum (ARB) instantly

CEX.IO offers multiple avenues for purchasing Arbitrum (ARB), with the fastest and the most convenient being the Instant Buy service. This feature enables users to rapidly buy USDT, BTC, ETH, and other digital assets using Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards, Google/Apple Pay, and other payment options.

To use Instant Buy, proceed with the following steps after completing verification:

  • Navigate to the Instant Buy page.
  • Select Arbitrum (ARB) from the list of available assets.
  • Choose a preferred fiat currency.
  • Use a predefined pack or specify the desired amount to purchase/spend.
  • Define a funding method.
  • Double-check that all transaction details are accurate, then confirm the operation.

Keep in mind that Arbitrum (ARB) is currently not available for users in the U.S.

What payment methods can I use to buy Arbitrum (ARB)?

CEX.IO provides users with diverse funding methods to acquire Arbitrum (ARB), including:

  • Visa/Mastercard debit/credit card
  • Google/Apple Pay
  • Bank transfers (i.e. SWIFT and SEPA)
  • E-wallets (i.e. Skrill and Epay)
  • Cryptocurrencies

Please note that the availability of specific payment methods varies depending on the user's jurisdiction, and/or account verification status. For example, only U.S.-based CEX.IO customers are allowed to buy crypto with PayPal. Further details regarding payment methods can be found here.

Buy Arbitrum


What are the possibilities with Arbitrum (ARB) post-purchase?

After acquiring Arbitrum (ARB) on CEX.IO, users can:

  • Store — Safeguard ARB by holding tokens on the CEX.IO balance, as nearly 100% of user funds are stored in cold wallets, ensuring robust protection.
  • Transfer — Withdraw ARB to an external wallet.
  • Trade — Exchange ARB for fiat currency and/or other digital assets to start staking crypto, and explore wider digital asset opportunities.

How to check Arbitrum (ARB) prices on CEX.IO?

CEX.IO users can track current cryptocurrency prices using several ways, such as:

How to buy Arbitrum (ARB) with a bank account?

To buy crypto with a bank account on CEX.IO, users first need to complete address verification. Following this process:

  • Deposit fiat currency via a bank transfer. Find details on how to do it here.
  • Use our Spot Trading platform, or a Convert service in the CEX.IO Wallet, to exchange the deposited funds for Arbitrum (ARB) tokens.