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What is the USD to XLM calculator on CEX.IO? How does it help calculate the price?

CEX.IO platform has a Cryptocurrency Calculator. It is simple to use. If you want to learn how much USD you need to pay to buy 50 XLM, for example, you simply specify the respective currencies and the amount, and the calculator will display the price. Easy as that.

CEX.IO allows you to convert Dollars to Stellar Lumens using your debit or credit card. How does it work?

With the instant purchase option you can easily buy cryptocurrency using your debit or credit card.

If you want to purchase XLM with your credit card, you need to go to the Buy/Sell section of the platform, specify the amount of Dollars you want to spend on Stellar Lumens, and enter your Visa/Mastercard details to pay. That’s it — in a few minutes you become a crypto owner! That’s an easy and quick way to buy XLM with a debit card.

How to exchange USD to XLM on the CEX.IO platform?

Apart from buying cryptocurrency using your payment card, you can also exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency with trading on the CEX.IO.

CEX.IO offers an intuitive trading interface. Before you start trading, select the currency pair — if you want to trade Bitcoin, choose USD/BTC, if you are interested to exchange USD to XLM — choose USD/XLM pair. Then place the respective order. Depending on your trading goal, you can choose to place a marker or a limit order.

As soon as your trade is executed, you receive the corresponding funds to your CEX.IO balance.

You can trade Stellar Lumens both for fiat and cryptocurrencies. The most popular pairs with Stellar are the XLM to BTC, XLM to USD and XLM to EUR.

What is the goal of USD to XLM transactions?

Stellar (XLM) is a prospective project, as its technology solves a very important problem - ensures fast and cheap exchange of cryptocurrency and fiat money. The transaction fees are low and the token keeps attracting the attention of the wide audience.

The main goal of any cryptocurrency transaction (including XLM trading) - to get profit. To reach this goal, every trader follows their own trading strategies. Someone chooses a long-term investment, others prefer day- or high-frequency trading. Some store over a dozen different cryptocurrencies in a portfolio, while others convert all profits from their trading operations into fiat.

Whatever the strategy is, it’s important to make timely decisions and be able to adjust them to the market situation.

CEX.IO - a cryptocurrency trading platform designed for everyone

CEX.IO is suitable for literally everyone. Are you new to trading cryptocurrencies? CEX.IO has a simple and straightforward interface and tools that can help you start trading easily.

Are you a professional trader? Then you can use more advanced tools like APIs and benefit from high-frequency trading.

CEX.IO has an ecosystem of products that serve the needs of different market participants. If you are not a CEX.IO user yet, you are very welcome to join and start the exciting crypto-journey with us.