How to directly help the Ukrainian people with your crypto donations

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As long as war continues, there is an urgent need for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.

This Donation Widget was built by people still in Ukraine, and/or with families fighting for survival in the region.

We are inspired by the level of everyday heroism displayed by the Ukrainian people. That includes volunteers, doctors, people in service, those who help their neighbors, vulnerable children who’ve lost their families. You can make a real difference with your donation, and show the world that you care.

This effort is very personal to us. By supporting it and spreading the word, we can unite to provide urgent assistance to organizations on the ground saving lives. Together we will ensure better days to come.


You can donate in any cryptocurrency that is supported by the CEX.IO ecosystem. We convert all donations into traditional currency and send them to the chosen charity organization.

100% of your contributions benefit the organizations.. We waive any and all processing fees. Donations of any size help!

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Finally, go to the Help Ukraine page to donate.

Organizations we support



The National Specialized Children’s Hospital of Ukraine (OHMATDYT) has remained operational throughout the war, giving kids the care they need, bringing relief to agonized parents, and supporting medical teams continuing their heroic work.

For more information about the OHMATDYT

Click here.


The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing, and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster. The IRC is responding to the crisis in Ukraine, working with local partners in both Poland and Ukraine to provide critical information services, legal counseling and psychological support to refugees fleeing the conflict. The IRC is also distributing medical supplies, procuring essential items such as sleeping bags and blankets for distribution, and providing cash so displaced families can purchase what they need the most.

For more information about the International Rescue Commettee

Click here.


The ongoing war in Ukraine has displaced an increasing number of children and their families, leaving them in need of critical humanitarian relief and access to psychological support and protection. We can and must help provide it - by supporting organizations like UNICEF who are on the ground responding to the growing humanitarian needs.

To learn more about UNICEF

Click here.