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Our mission is to provide a gateway into the world of an open financial system


We are a regulated multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013 and now serving over 4 million customers worldwide.


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Registered userson trade platform


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Countries supportedand 48 US States


CEX.IO was one of the first platforms to make fiat-to-crypto transactions accessible by offering card payments and bank transfers to the clients. We place a great effort into developing and maintaining robust relationships with dozens of reputable banks across the key markets.

Currently, we provide a rich variety of trading tools for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Tron, and other crypto assets. You can trade these cryptocurrencies for USD, EUR, and GBP.

We know that mobility matters, so we’ve enabled trading through a website, iOS and Android mobile apps, WebSocket, and REST API.


CEX.IO is a team of over 370 professionals serving customers worldwide out of the following jurisdictions: USA, Gibraltar and Cyprus. Our geographical expansion to new markets is backed by our regulatory accomplishments and development of new services for specific audiences.

Over the last few years, CEX.IO has grown into a group of companies with licenses in multiple jurisdictions.

CEX.IO Limited received a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) license issued by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). CEX.IO Corp. has obtained Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs) in 33 US states, and keep on working on covering more.

CEX IO EU Limited provides card processing services to customers from the European Economic Area (EEA).

We continue to build new services and improve upon existing ones. Earning your trust is always on our mind. Throughout our company’s history, effective and trustworthy collaboration with regulators has always been a top priority. Our teams are constantly working to maintain our compliance with evolving regulatory requirements and financial industry standards.

CEX.IO was proud to be a founding member of CryptoUK, an association that continues to aim at building cooperation between the major cryptocurrency players and regulatory authorities in the UK, with the goal of developing an appropriate operating framework for cryptocurrency businesses.

Our products

A marketplace for customers who want to instantly buy/sell cryptocurrencies, trade crypto assets, or exchange them for fiat money.


Our values

partnershipCustomer centricity

At CEX.IO, we put our customers at the core of our business. We’re passionate about creating services that support customers with a great experience toward their goals. Do we seek to innovate? Certainly. And before all endeavors, we ask our team to start with three simple questions: Do I understand the customer’s needs? Am I minimizing customer efforts? How does this increase customer value? If they’re ready to answer, then we go ahead!


By treating others with respect, listening, and hearing, supporting each other, we stick to basic principles of human relationships. We value teamwork over personal ambition as the only way to success. What are we doing? We’re building a great team that’s a pleasure to work with.


We believe that by inspiring our team and trusting them, we create opportunities for CEX.IO. We prefer free mindsets instead of detailed instructions where we can avoid them. The only golden rule we set is to be accountable — for actions we take, behaviors we demonstrate, and decisions we make.

developFocus on the result

Our individual and team achievements are meaningful when they’re aligned with our company’s goals. We’re inspired by the things we do and the people for whom we do them. And we’re passionate about creating the best possible outcomes for our customers.



CEX.IO LTD is registered in the UK

We started out as a triad of interconnected services: a Bitcoin mining pool, cloud mining services, and a platform to trade mining power. The first two were under the umbrella of GHash.IO, the only mining pool in history to accumulate enough mining power, to be able to pull off the 51% attack on the Bitcoin network. CEX.IO was the platform for trading mining power and, later, the resulting Bitcoin too.